Open Letter: Rockwall County Democratic Party congratulates Class of 2021

ROCKWALL, TX (May 27, 2021) On behalf of the Rockwall County Democratic Party, we would like to congratulate the graduates of the Class Of 2021. The journey these young men and women have had through their 12 years of school is opening up a new chapter for their future.

We all know how rough the pandemic has been to these kids, but they had the resilience to fight hard through all the obstacles. After months of lockdown, they completed one of the most challenging years of school in their lives.

They see the hope, and they are the hope. Our future is in the hands of these young lives graduating this year. Their brightness, charisma, and overall ambition to power through any barrier in the way of success gives us hope for the future.

Future professions all come in this class of 2021. Now is the time to soar high and work on the path to greatness.

Once again, congratulations to the Class Of 2021, I can’t wait to see your future positive contributions to our community!

By the Rockwall County Democratic Party

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