Open letter to City of Fate residents from Mayor David Billings

Open letter to City of Fate residents from Mayor David Billings

FATE, TX (June 16, 2021) I want to spend a moment with you to share with my thoughts about the National Community survey for 2021. Thank you for filling out the survey.

I am excited to see our great city is continuing to improve.  Here are some highlights from the survey.  The percentage of good or excellent responses below shows how we have improved from 2019 to 2021.

  • Overall image or reputation of Fate: 67% to 75%
  • Residents value their quality of life in Fate and feel safe in the community. About 8 in 10 residents positively rated their overall quality of life in Fate and the city as a place to live.
  • Overall design or layout of Fate’s residential and commercial areas (e.g., homes, buildings, streets, parks, etc.): 32% to 48%.
  • Overall feeling of safety: 87% to 93%
  • Public information service: 41% to 63%
  • Overall customer service by Fate employees (police, receptionists, planners, etc.): 74% to 81%.
  • The overall services provided by the City of Fate: 68% to 77%.

Your city council ratings have also improved. Thank you to the city council, and former Mayors and council members, for a job well done.

  • Overall confidence in Fate’s government: 45% to 59%
  • The job Fate’s government does welcoming residents: 47% to 59%
  • Generally acting in the best interest of the community: 52% to 59%
  • Being Honest: 55% to 64%

We added several new questions to ensure we understand our relationship with our citizens.

  • Being open and transparent to the public: 58%
  • Informing residents about issues facing the community: 54%

Yes, we have areas for improvement, but you have my commitment that we will continue to improve our relationship with you, our residents.

I have never been more proud of our city team members. The last 16 months have been a challenge and as each challenge arose, our team responded with humanity, grace, and a servant’s heart.  They ensure the City of Fate is a great place to live and work. They are the best city team in Texas.

In service,

David Billings, Mayor

City of Fate


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