Rockwall County Democratic Party launches ‘plogging’ campaign

Rockwall County Democrats urge residents to show our county some love 

ROCKWALL, TX (July 7, 2021) We know that most people wouldn’t toss litter on the ground in front of their house, so why would they toss it on the streets, parks, and intersections of their community?

Some Rockwall County Democratic Party members invite the walkers and runners from our community to help put trash in the containers found throughout our cities and our parks to support our county by “plogging.”

The term is reportedly a merge of jogging and “ploca upp,” the Swedish translation of “pick up.” It was only a matter of time before “plogging,” the Swedish trend that blends the action of jogging with the public service of picking up litter, began to appear in some of our Rockwall County Democratic members’ everyday conversations.

So let’s organize, get started, and get plogging by filling out the following form where people will:

first, set their own routes by choosing a plogging route that they know is densely littered and is considered a safe area to walk or run in;

second, they will find information about plogging gear such as recyclable trash bags, gloves, and some hand sanitizer if necessary;

and lastly, they will be encouraged to share their plogging by taking pictures and share their plogging activity via social media.

You would be surprised, but our friends and families might want to join the efforts. With the caveat that if you can’t find a trash container on the route, bring the trash home and dispose of it properly. Let’s work together to keep our county clean!

Submitted press release, edited for publication in Blue Ribbon News. 

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