Message from Rockwall Helping Hands: Families like Amanda’s are struggling

Message from Rockwall Helping Hands: Families like Amanda’s are struggling

ROCKWALL, TX (March 30, 2022) Dear Neighbor,

Did you know inflation affects different households in very different ways? Sometimes those with the least, get hurt the most. Globally, everyone is affected by the highest inflation rate in 40 years but those that are already lower income, really struggle to stay afloat. Helping Hands has many clients that are trying to decide between buying groceries, keeping the lights on or even keeping a roof overhead. When the budget is already stretched thin, inflation only makes things much more difficult. Many of your neighbors never thought they would be in this situation and are reaching out for help.

Amanda is a single mother of 2 young daughters and struggling to provide the necessities. Being new to the area and working over 50 hours a week, she has no family support and must rely on childcare and her vehicle to get to and from work. Sticking to a strict budget is her priority. But with the rising grocery, utility, rent and fuel costs, Amanda is falling behind in paying her bills on time. She contacted Helping Hands hoping for any help we could provide. We are able to pay her utility bill, provide groceries from the pantry and ease her burdens while she catches up on her increasing expenses. Through our many network contacts and provided classes, Amanda will be able to prepare for challenges that may arise in the future.  

Helping Hands has asked a lot over the years and this community has stepped up. We are blessed to be a part of a community that is dedicated to uplifting and supporting others in a time of need. Without your support, we would not be able to help the increasing needs of those in this community.

During this time of uncertainty, Helping Hands is turning to you and asks for help with donations for families like Amanda’s that are struggling. All donations make an impact to the programs and support we offer to ease the pain of rising costs for those in need. Our goal is to empower individuals and families by providing short-term and long-term solutions to help them thrive.

Your one-time donation or recurring gift ensures that Helping Hands can continue to provide hope and assistance to our struggling neighbors. Give online at, text “Donate” to 833-649-2959, or scan the QR code.

For our neighbors in crisis,

Melody L. Hail

Senior Director of Philanthropy, Helping Hands of Rockwall County

Submitted by Helping Hands, a Blue Ribbon News advertiser.