Rockwall kids take the lead with pet sitting business

Rockwall kids take the lead with pet sitting business

(ROCKWALL-March 19, 2013) When Caleb and Chloe Davis were little, their parents bought them a puppet theater. “We decided to homeschool our children,” said Michele Davis, “and we knew the theater would inspire creative and educational play.” But rather than performing on stage with singing sock puppets, five-year-old Caleb had an idea of his own – […]

Sassy says, chew on this

Dear Sassy, Got any advice for dogs that chew TV remote controls, telephones and kids’ toys? Signed, Chewy Dear Chewy, If your dog is a puppy, chewing is a normal part of teething. Just like human babies, chewing is an instinct that helps soothe the soreness and helps the new teeth push through the gums. […]

Sassy uncovers the dirt on digging dogs

Dear Sassy, How do I stop my dog from digging holes in the backyard? Dear Digger, Almost all dogs will dig on occasion. Certain dog breeds, such as Dachshund and Terriers, were bred to dig into burrows after rabbits and other small game. However, any dog breed can develop a digging habit for many reasons: Boredom, […]