Dallas task force seeks community input for No-Kill plan

Mac was surrendered to Dallas Animal Services last week. His owner lost his job and was no longer able to properly care for Mac. Outgoing and friendly, he's now available for adoption. Call the shelter at 214-670-8246. Photo by Jonnie England.

(Dallas) The Dallas Companion Animal Project task force is asking Dallas residents for ideas on making the city a no-kill community. The task force began work in July 2011 to advise the city on programs and initiatives that would end the euthanasia of adoptable, homeless cats and dogs. The deadline for public suggestions to be included in the initial plan is Friday, Nov. 25.

Last year, more than 20,500 animals were euthanized at Dallas Animal Services – about 75 percent of the animals that were either surrendered by their owners or picked up as strays. The task force is looking for specific suggestions that will lower the number of pets arriving at the shelter, save lives and dramatically improve these odds.

“If you know of actual programs and initiatives that have been used successfully in other communities, please contact us,” said task force chairman Rebecca Poling. “We’re also looking for unique ideas we may not have seen before.”

Dallas Animal Services supervisor Nicole Self shows two puppies surrendered at the shelter. Photo by Jonnie England.

Areas of focus include: decreasing the number of companion animals being surrendered or picked up; increasing the number of lost and stray animals being reunited with their owners; keeping beloved pets with their families; increasing the number of pets being adopted from animal shelters and rescue groups; and increasing support and funding for spay/neuter programs.

To submit suggestions, go to dallascompanionanimalproject.org and click on the “Suggestions” tab. All suggestions must be constructive and detailed; a working email address must be provided in order for the suggestion to be considered.

The Dallas Companion Animal Project was recommended by the Dallas Animal Shelter Commission in June 2011. The City’s Director of Code Compliance formed the official task force in July 2011.

Our Mission: Guide the community toward increasing programs that end the killing of adoptable homeless animals.

Our Vision: A city where the government, business and non-profit sectors recognize that the welfare of companion animals is a quality-of-life issue affecting everyone, worthy of everyone’s investment.

Task Force: Members represent public and private animal shelters, including Dallas Animal Services leadership; all-breed and breed-specific rescue groups; animal shelter assistance programs; feral cat programs; animal advocacy groups; neighborhood associations; veterinarians; the Dallas Animal Shelter Commission (the official, city-appointed advisory board) and the Dallas Police Department.

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Story and photos submitted by Jonnie England.

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