Rockwall celebrates five years of happy pets

(ROCKWALL, TX – June 28, 2016) Before you read this, go to the refrigerator or an ice chest and grab your favorite beverage. It’s time to toast our accomplishments in Rockwall County, especially if you’re a “pet person” like me. Thanks to the Rockwall City Council, our animal shelter has been saving the lives of […]

Area volunteers show love for community

(ROCKWALL, TX – Feb. 4, 2016) I still get excited when a presidential election year rolls around. It’s one of our great American traditions: debating the future of our country every four years, then voting to see which vision attracts a majority. In fact, I’ve always believed that our right to vote is our most […]

Pets give us a special Christmas gift

(ROCKWALL, TX – Dec. 16, 2015) As Andy Williams would say – or sing – “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Many a Rockwall County home is warmed by the presence of a Christmas tree. By now, those living rooms are bulging with small mountains of festively decorated gifts. But this season has […]

How to save a pet’s life in your spare time

(ROCKWALL, TX – September 29, 2015) It’s all the rage these days! But first, a word of caution. You won’t be reading about Technicolor hair dyes, fitness bands, i-dosing (look it up) or Ariana Grande. And trust me, we won’t be going anywhere near the Kardashians. The lastest fad that’s developed during the past couple […]

How Rockwall Became a Haven for Pets: Part Two

(ROCKWALL, TX – August 17, 2015) Let’s talk about money. I knew that would get your attention. Money is everyone’s favorite topic, right? In the last edition, we discussed the history of the Rockwall animal shelter, and how it went from a dilapidated tin shed to one of the first 50 open-admission municipal shelters in […]

How Rockwall Became a Haven for Pets, Part One

ROCKWALL,TX. (June 24, 2015) Let’s talk about history. No, wait. Don’t go away just yet. You don’t want to miss this, because you probably played a role in this story. It’s the story of how we worked together to make Rockwall a better place for all of us, including our pets. After I was invited […]

Rockwall pet advocate garners more national recognition

Rockwall pet advocate garners more national recognition

(ROCKWALL, TX – April 28, 2015) Rockwall County has received more national recognition for its leadership in animal welfare. Michael Kitkoski, co-founder of No Kill Solutions, was selected as the focus of the “Inspiring People” section of Best Friends Magazine in its latest edition. The article in the May/June issue highlights the accomplishments of Michael and his […]

Rockwall County leads nation in animal welfare

ROCKWALL COUNTY, TX (Nov. 17, 2o14) Rockwall County continues to be a national leader in animal welfare and shelter reform. With No Kill shelters in Rockwall and Royse City, the county is an inspiration to many communities across the United States. Rockwall County’s positive influence was on full display in Las Vegas during last month’s Best Friends […]

Quiet revolution underway in Rockwall County

ROCKWALL, TX (May 12, 2014) A gentle, unassuming dachshund has become the symbol of revolution in Rockwall County. When a little dog named Gertie was rescued by Rockwall Pets, she represented the breathtaking pace of animal shelter reform in the county. During the past four years, Rockwall County has catapulted itself to the forefront of a nationwide […]

Rowlett business commits to saving pets

ROWLETT, TX (March 11, 2014) Rowlett moved one step closer toward joining the nearly 250 No Kill communities across the United States. As part of the grand opening celebration of the new Unleashed by Petco in Rowlett, the pet store donated $1,500 to the lifesaving efforts of Rockwall Pets. Rowlett Mayor Todd Gottel joined Unleashed by Petco […]

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