Addison man gives pets ‘The Gift For Life’

Revolutionary, all-natural products reverse aging process, increase vitality, in older dogs

(Addison) September 16, 2012 –Lauriston Crockett’s best friend was Joe “Cocker.” They shared life together for more than 17 years. Then the inevitable happened. Joe died of disease due to old age, and Crockett was never the same.

He decided to undertake a new life mission. Crockett poured himself into extensive research and laboratory testing, drawing on his years as a bio-mechanics specialist and personal fitness “Master Trainer,” and his experience in nutritional science.

Thus began Crockett’s search for an anti-aging and rejuvenation formula for pets like Joe. He knew that the pet supplement market was limited to simple building blocks like vitamins and minerals, which he believed were all smoke and mirrors.

In his search for answers, Crockett worked with endocrinologists, oncologists, gynecologists, naturopathic and homeopathic doctors and chiropractors. His research led him to an in-depth study of the body’s internal fountain of youth – the endocrine system. He later delved into the field of natural peptides, the healing properties of which have been documented in several scientific journals and praised by leading experts, including television’s Dr. Oz.

Crockett found that the fountain of youth does exist in each living creature through the signaling and homeostasis of the subject’s own endocrine system.  More than two years later, his new anti-aging product, “The Gift For Life,” was ready for live trial.

It didn’t take long to realize that the peptide-based formula represented a revolutionary advance in animal health and wellness. Within a week or two of taking the product, older dogs began exhibiting behaviors their owners hadn’t seen in years.  Energy levels increased dramatically, slow-moving dogs began running and jumping again, and arthritic dogs no longer showed the telltale signs of muscle and joint pain, or depression.

“What we discovered and proved through scientific study, research and continuous clinical response observations is that our all-natural Isotide addresses progressive pet aging and degeneration at the cellular level,” said Crockett, founder and president of St. Roch De Vita, LLC.  “The dogs that took The Gift For Life didn’t just show incremental improvement; they literally began acting half their age. Their bodies were responding to a scientifically advanced, peptide-based technology that promotes recovery and rejuvenation directly through the endocrine system.”

The Gift For Life is the closest thing to a Fountain of Youth ever developed for animals.  There are no known side effects from use, or even over-use, of the product.

Sold since 2010 at Whole Foods Market and other outlets, The Gift For Life is recommended and endorsed by dozens of veterinarians and other animal health experts, and has captured the attention of such leading publications as Modern Dog and Fido Friendly, as well as “Animal Radio,” a nationally syndicated program for pet lovers.

“The Gift for Life changed our 11-year-old Cairns’ lives,” said Joey Villani, Dogfather of XM Animal Radio 166.  “We started giving them the product and within a few days, they were like puppies again!  Thank you for giving Myles and Buster their lives back.”

Dr. Jenifer Preston of “completely endorses” The Gift For Life, which she uses in her practice to treat a myriad of diseases.

“So far we have used it in treatment plans for diabetes, Cushing’s, hypothyroidism, arthritis and many joint problems, muscle atrophy and neurogenic diseases,” Preston says.  “We will continue to keep finding uses for this product and miraculously turn around aging or debilitating animals of all species.”

For more information on the science behind The Gift For Life, testimonials from grateful pet owners and animal health experts, and ordering information, visit

About The Gift For Life
The Gift For Life is a revolutionary, all-natural pet product designed for cellular rejuvenation, vitality and longevity. Through St. Roch De Vita’s exclusive peptide technology, pets’ progressive aging can be changed to progressive anti-aging. The Gift For Life is a fast acting and very effective ingredient mix. Many owners will see a difference in their pet within days.  To learn more about the most powerful and effective anti-aging product for pets in the world, visit

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