‘Voices for Justice’ educates elementary kids on animal care

(Dallas) October 21, 2012 – DFW Rescue Me has announced the launch of Voices for Justice, a program that educates elementary school-aged children about the proper care and treatment of animals. The program is named in memory of Justice, the four-month-old puppy that was abused and later died in April 2012.

On Friday, October 26, 2012 at 2:30pm, volunteers of DFW Rescue Me will provide a free presentation with trained rescue dogs and take-home materials to the students of Vista Academy of Dallas, 7300 Bruton Road, Dallas, Texas 75217.

“We are committed to helping children understand how to care for animals responsibly,” said John Storm, volunteer with DFW Rescue Me. “If we can reach children with positive messages about animals, we can be one step closer to eliminating animal cruelty and neglect in Dallas.”

Voices for Justice has already partnered with some elementary schools and is seeking additional schools and organizations that are interested in having the Voices for Justice program presented to their kids.  The Voices for Justice program thrives on its “I Pledge” commitment, asking children to promise the following:

1.    I pledge to treat animals with the love, care and respect they deserve.

2.    I pledge to remember that all animals have feelings, just like I do.

3.    I pledge to ask an adult to call 3-1-1 if I see an animal being hurt.

Children that make the three-part pledge are presented with a certificate and a purple bracelet embossed with “Voices for Justice” to remind them of their commitment.

“We presented the program last year to my students, and it was a huge hit,” said Jennifer Partridge. “It was such a rewarding experience to see my students learn about responsible pet care and also how to spot and prevent animal cruelty.”

The program is funded by DFW Rescue Me’s education arm, the Justice Fund, and is led by DFW Rescue Me board members.

For more information about Voices for Justice, including how to secure a presentation, donate, or get involved, contact .

 About DFW Rescue Me

DFW Rescue Me is 501 © 3 all volunteer organization whose goal is to reduce the number of animals euthanized in Dallas, Texas.  This goal is possible by spaying / neutering, adoption programs and educating about responsible pet ownership.  DFW Rescue Me is also committed to the welfare and protection of animals in our community, and became well known earlier this year after trying to save the puppy Justice who was intentionally lit on fire but eventually died from his injuries.  Four suspects await trial in this case, the first of which is currently scheduled for November 12, 2012.

 Submitted by Jonnie England, Director of Animal Advocacy and Communications, Texas Humane Alliance.

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