4 things to do on a slow business week

Trey Finley

It happens.  Slow weeks hit, then suddenly you’re looking for things to do so you can feel busy.  So it feels like you’re not wasting your time.  So it feels like you’re not losing the money you probably are.

Before I give you 4 things to do, here’s one thing to NEVER do:  NEVER make a big decision about your business on a slow week. If you’re in the wrong frame of mind, only bad things can happen.

Now, on to the things you SHOULD do on a slow business week…

  1. Review your financials, especially your expenses.  Nothing like a slow business week to help you clearly see what you can live without.  You’re looking for rising costs, of course.  Look also at your gross profits.  Is your gross profit % staying consistent?  Do you know why it’s changing?  Know Thy Numbers.
  2. Call your past customers.  No sales-ish language, just say “hello.”  Ask them about their family, ask them about their business.  Don’t take more than 5 minutes.  When you’re done, be quiet for 10 seconds.  If they haven’t asked you about you yet, they will now.  (Or it will be an awkward silence and you can hang up and probably take them off your preferred customer list.)  When they ask, tell them a story of a recently satisfied customer and about how good it felt to serve them well.
  3. Plan an impromptu employee lunch that you provide.  You and your management team need to be the ones serving the food.  Stick around and shake hands and build rapport.  Ask for their opinions.  Say thank you.  This will also work well as a late-afternoon come and go “after hours.”  If possible, let them go a little early after they’ve come by.
  4. Serve in the community.  Yes, of course, it’s good PR.  More importantly, it will remind you that it’s not all about profits and that there are some things bigger than a sheet of paper with numbers on it.  Give to someone who can’t give back.  Your business should be good news for you, for your employees, AND for the community.

Good news–slow business weeks don’t have to be bad business weeks.

By business coach and Blue Ribbon News special contributor Trey Finley. Visit his website at rockwallbusinesscoach.com or on Facebook at facebook.com/actioncoachtrey.

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