Geo-caching, zombies, and giving back

ROCKWALL (December 19, 2013) Boy Scout Troop 83’s recent geocaching campout was a blast! We learned how to use a GPS (global positioning system). Each group of Scouts went through the same course. Each patrol also made one pot meals, and my group won the contest with a dish of macaroni calzones. My group’s iron pot melted through the plastic table at the campout, and it was pretty funny.

All of the troops had a zombie apocalyptic time at this last Camporee. What’s a Camporee, you might ask? A Camporee is an extremely special Boy Scout event where the Scouts play games, participate in events, and so much more. At this Camporee, all of the events were centered around survival in a zombie apocalypse.

Sometimes in the spring there is an event at the Camporee called an O.A. tap out. Scouts stand in a big circle. Mock Indians come around and scream various phrases in your face like, “Face the fire,” and these random orders scare the Scouts. If the mock Indian booms “You!” then you have been chosen to be in the O.A. (Order of the Arrow). Every time my troop goes to a Camporee, we have the best weekend.

Last month we had a Court of Honor – a ceremony where the Boy Scouts are presented with awards and rank advancements. This ceremony occurs every three months. During the November Court of Honor, a couple of Scouts received their Personal Fitness, Canoeing, Citizenship in the Community, and Citizenship in the Nation badges. Eighteen Scouts were awarded their Geocaching Merit Badge. One Scout earned several other badges. Troop 83 is working hard to achieve all the badges to become Eagle Scouts, and we hope to earn many more merit badges before our next Court of Honor.

During December our troop is giving back to the community by encouraging our fellow citizens to give gift cards for teenagers to Rockwall County Helping Hands. Some suggested places where you can purchase gift cards are: Old Navy, Ulta, Best Buy, Cinemark, Cici’s or Shenaniganz.

Troop 83 wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Caleb Davis

Story and photo submitted by Blue Ribbon News special contributor and Scouting columnist Caleb Davis, Star Scout, Troop 83 in Rockwall.

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