Celebrate Recovery at Eastridge Church of Christ: A ‘Minimony’

ROCKWALL (May 5, 2014) Celebrate Recovery at Eastridge Church of Christ is a ministry for people to work on their relationship with God and others.

At Celebrate Recovery, you can find healing from any hurt, habit, or hang-up.

Friday nights 7pm

Eastridge Church of Christ
670 Stodghill Road
Rockwall, Texas 75087


A ‘Minimony’

Hi, my name is Debbie. I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ who struggles with fear issues.

I was first introduced to Celebrate Recovery through my daughter. In her second year of college, my beautiful daughter developed an eating disorder. Her campus counselor recommended a Celebrate Recovery program. As she began attending, my husband and I started to see God moving in our daughter’s life to bring her healing and hope. She is now happily married and finishing work on her MBA.

When Eastridge decided to begin a Celebrate Recovery program, my husband and I decided we needed to be involved. As I began first the open shares and then the step studies, my eyes were opened to see that I had been living in a deep sense of fear after having battled breast cancer in 2008. Each doctor’s visit elicited high anxiety in me for weeks prior to the visit. I had stopped trusting that God truly cared for me. I believed God had turned His back on me. But through Principle 2, I saw that I do matter to God, and that He has the power to help me recover, not necessarily my health, but more importantly my peace. I realized through Principle 3 that if I choose to commit all my life and will to Christ’s care and control, He may lead me down a path I would rather not go; but if I submit in obedience, He can bring good even out of the bad things that happen to me.

Then as I began work on my personal inventory, God took me on a journey through my life to see some of the early seeds of this fear and lack of trust. I began dealing with pain from my childhood that I had long since buried. I believed I had dealt with and overcome these hurts; however, through Celebrate Recovery I realized I was still allowing these past hurts to hinder me in my walk with Christ and in my relationship with my husband and children and also with other Christians.

I am very grateful to the Eastridge eldership for introducing Celebrate Recovery to this church family. This program has brought healing to my family on many different levels. Truly God seeks to bring happiness into our lives, not so much by changing the circumstances (although sometimes He does that), but rather by giving us peace through the storms. Then we can be happy, happy, happy!

Thank you for letting me share!

~ Debbie


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