New jewels on the block

Wylie East High School welcomes the 2014-2015 Sapphires

Hairspray, lipstick, and glitter galore, the dancing lifestyle is what these girls chose. After a previously outstanding 2013 season that left the Sapphires with a nationally ranked title, the new line members and officers that recently tried out and were selected hope to carry on that prestige.

Adoringly dubbed the “Jewels of the East”, the Sapphires are experiencing an entirely brand new officer line that consists of 5 juniors, as well as 8 social officers, and 41 line members. Captain Ruthie Walker has quite the year in front of her but happily admits, “Having an all junior officer line is a chance to start something new” and is ready “to face the year with determination to have the best year possible”. Quite traditionally an officer line consists of mostly seniors, but this year the Sapphires have an all junior officer line. The Lieutenants ready to face the year are Maddie Jones, Kaitlin Smith, Maddie Duvall, Catie Shirley and Captain Ruthie Walker. These girls were selected for these positions through a rigorous and challenging try-out process that ensures each girl is up to the task of being an officer.

In addition to the officer line, the Sapphire Social Officers were also recently selected. The social officers’ goals for this year are to aid the dance officers in setting positive examples for the other team members and creating innovative activities to strengthen the team’s sisterly bond. Social President Samantha Redig tells that she is “ready and ecstatic to lead the team” while serving with the other socials: Vice President Alaysha Ervin, Historian Sydney Herzog, Publicity Megan Kelly, Chaplain Abby Hardagee, Spirit Brooke Hogan, Secretary Holly Ketner, and Rookie Rep Lexy Rel.


Presently, the dance Officers and Socials attended HTE’s Officer Training Camp inDallasto grow their leadership and dance skills. The Sapphire officers also were rewarded several awards for their tremendous efforts such as an organization award, a staff award, and several spirit sticks. Director Brittany Miller and Assistant Director Stephanie Jackson encouraged the girls throughout the 4 day camp, and even participated in the traditional “circle time” that takes place at the end of camp. The girls and directors sit in a circle and share with one another what they believe they can bring to the team and why they wanted to be in a leadership position on the team. Lieutenant Maddie Duvall explains that this ritual “sets the tone for the year, it committed me to become a better leader for the team by being a good role model socially and academically”.

Of course a fabulous team does not stand alone, the Sapphire Bootbacker Board Members were also recently voted on. This group of dance moms shows extreme dedication and enthusiasm towards their dancing girls. With the Sapphires’ best interest in mind, President Vickie Jones, Vice President Teresa Kelly, Secretary Amy Herzog, Treasurer Kellie Nicholls, Parliamentarian Renee Hogan, Public relations Dawn Redig, Chaplain Kristi Swinney, Historian Deanna Aaron, and Fundraiser Dawn Shirley will all work together this oncoming year to organize, publicize, and support the Sapphires.

The Sapphires are currently looking forward to attending HTE’s Team Camp July 7-10th, which is sure to bring on many memories and an opportunity to extend their dancing skills.

Throughout the school year Sapphires will also be hosting many Junior Jewel Clinics to entertain young girls with dances and games that is always fun filled, so be sure to keep posted on the Sapphire’s clinics!


Submitted by WEHS Sapphires publicity


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