Give Back Collin County launches nonprofit website to benefit local charities

COLLIN COUNTY, TX. (July 2, 2014) Give Back Collin County is announcing the launch of a new and interactive social media based website that creates awareness and support for Collin County nonprofit organizations. It works by connecting users with volunteers who want to give back.  It’s about creating community awareness and showing exactly what the nonprofits do for our community all on one collaborative website.

“In our community the nonprofit organizations are performing amazing acts of human service every day for people in need.  Many of us don’t know there are so many people in need right here in Collin County.  We want to share with you what our local nonprofits are doing to help others and ways you can help,” said Lisa Statzer, founder of Give Back Collin County.

Give Back Collin County helps create a stronger community by connecting volunteers to nonprofits and nonprofits to local businesses.  Nonprofits are asked to complete a profile about their organization, their volunteer opportunities, and their events.  Volunteers can also create a profile and then search for opportunities; contact the non-profit directly about volunteering, and use the website to stay informed.

A local company or service provider can also create a vendor profile for a small fee that enables nonprofits and their volunteers to search for these services.  By using a social media platform, Give Back Collin County created lot of different opportunities to interact with volunteers through posting pictures, videos, and creating chat groups to communicate with volunteers about a specific event.

Within the website there’s a volunteer newsletter, a spotlight feature article about nonprofit organizations, a nonprofit message board (where best practices and good ideas can be shared between organizers), a vendor profile page for local businesses, and of course– a spotlight on an outstanding volunteer. Give Back Collin County is the one place where all who want to be involved in the local communities nonprofit’s work can come together.

Give Back Collin County is for people who want a personal and meaningful way to help others.  The idea is that anyone can help the nonprofits whether by volunteering time, attending a special event, or by donating money.

“As someone who volunteers with several organizations, it’s exciting for me to have one website where I can find local, Collin County volunteer opportunities.  But the true blessing for our community is that it serves a dual purpose – helping people find ways to volunteer and helping nonprofits when they’re in need of assistance.  We have needed something like this for a long time; and I’m ready to register,” said Monique Pritchard. Pritchard is an “Emma Pritchard Memorial Blood Drive” founder, as well as a mother. Pritchard was also awarded the 2011 Advocate of the Year Award Winner, with Carter Blood Care.

“This website helps us connect with more people throughout Collin County.  It gives us a platform to educate them about what we do to help the homeless and neglected children in Collin County, and lets us make volunteer connections.  It takes a community to really impact the lives of people in need. Communication is the best way of gathering and keeping momentum,” said Rob Scichil, Marketing and Communications Director at City House.

Give Back Collin County goals is to bring awareness and support to the non-profits of Collin County by connecting them to volunteers who want to give back.  It’s about creating community awareness and showing exactly what the nonprofits do for the community.  Most importantly, it’s about inspiring people to help. Give Back Collin County is for people who want a personal and meaningful way to help others.  Collin County Give Back believes, “If we’re able to inspire people to get involved, then we’ve reached our goal and made a difference in this world.”

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