Q&A with new Helping Hands President Jon Bailey

ROCKWALL, TX (Feb. 1, 2015) Rockwall County Helping Hands recently named Jon Bailey as its new President & CEO to serve in the place of Margo Nielsen, who retired after 25 years at the helm of the organization. A

lifelong Rockwall resident, Jon currently serves on the Rockwall Chamber Board of Directors as well as on the Rockwall ISD Board of Trustees. He is a past President / current member of the Rockwall Rotary Club. Jon has been married to Pullen Elementary teacher Lori Bailey for 15 years and is the proud father of 11-year-old daughter Sophia and 8-year-old son Stone, who both attend Pullen. Also a part of the family is black lab Stella who’s also the family hunting dog.

Blue Ribbon News thanks Jon for graciously sharing a little about his background and what he looks forward to as the new Director of Rockwall County Helping Hands.

Talk about your excitement about becoming the new Helping Hands executive director. Why was this something you wanted to do? What are you looking forward to about the job?

I’m tremendously excited about being chosen to lead Helping Hands as the new Executive Director. Helping Hands is a staple within Rockwall County and has assisted more people than anyone could probably count. Rockwall County continues to grow in population because it’s a great place to live and work, raise your family, and has a top notch school district. With population growth comes an unbelievable opportunity for Helping Hands to grow and to serve in a greater capacity. To be able to lead this organization in that endeavor is an honor and a privilege.  I chose this new path because I wanted to be able to give back to the community that I grew up in by utilizing my strengths to help those who are struggling or are in need. I’m looking forward to the rewarding feeling of going home every day knowing that Helping Hands made a difference in someone’s life.

Tell us how you came to be the new executive director. What was your involvement with Helping Hands prior to, and what do you hope to accomplish at its helm?

How I became the new executive director is a complete God thing. I had an opportunity to have breakfast with Lorne Liechty who currently serves as the Board President and we talked about the organization and its direction for the future. God started to make it abundantly clear that this was where he wanted me. I felt like God was saying, “This is where I want to use you at this point in your life.”  I’ve had the opportunity to serve Helping Hands in various capacities. My family and I have helped in the toy distribution the last few years. When I served as Rotary president we donated over 200 bikes for the toy drive and helped with food pantry needs.  It’s just such a great organization to serve in.

Tell us your thoughts on your predecessor, Margo Nielsen, and the job she’s done for Helping Hands and the county? How does it feel to know you’ll be taking the place of someone like Margo?

I have had the privilege of knowing Margo for about 25 years. Margo has made Helping Hands what it is today.  She is an unbelievable woman who truly has a servant’s heart.  No one will ever be able to take her place. I only hope that I can do half the job she has done. 

What do you like to do in your off time? Any hobbies?

In my off time I enjoy spending time with my family.  I’m an avid duck hunter and I enjoy watching my kids play sports.  My daughter plays fast pitch softball and volleyball and my son plays baseball and lacrosse. 

Tell me something about yourself that others would be surprised to learn.

I can whistle really loud; you have to around my house.

What’s your favorite:



Food / restaurant?

Bin 303




The Sandlot. It teaches a lot of life lessons if you really pay attention.



Day of the week?

Friday. End of the week!

Vacation spot?

Orange Beach, Florida. We go there every year as a family.

Interview conducted by Austin Wells, Blue Ribbon News reporter. To nominate yourself or someone you know to be featured in our Good People profile series, email editor@BlueRibbonNews.com.

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