Rockwall girl raises money for hospital that helped her walk

UPDATE (July 27, 2015) Rockwall’s amazing Addie Bryan was interviewed live on Good Day Fox 4 this morning. Click here to see the video.


(ROCKWALL, TX – July 14, 2015) Addison Bryan’s birthday wish when she turns eight this August involves a pretty enormous present—but it isn’t for her.

This summer “Addie” has made it her personal goal to raise $8,000 for Scottish Rite Hospital by standing on a street corner in her Shores neighborhood and holding up a sign.

Addie’s mom, Julie Bryan, said her daughter’s desire to give is inspired by her own experiences at Scottish Rite, where she has been a patient since birth. Addie was born with a condition called Larsen syndrome, and as a result her knees faced backwards and her legs were up to her head when she entered the world. She began to receive treatment at only five days old.

For the first three years of her life, Addie experienced leg casts, full body casts, and multiple surgeries. Her legs now face forward, but they do not bend. Thanks to the treatment she received, she has the ability to walk and run and to just be a kid.

“Her condition is extremely rare, so our hope is over time, that more research on her condition will come about,” Julie Bryan said.

Now Addie is a regular at Scottish Rite, but not just for appointments. She has a close relationship with the staff, and frequently volunteers there.

“Addison has a love for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, Julie Bryan said. “Early on, the staff there took great interest in her and because of that, she has never once been scared to go. When she’s not there for an appointment, we try to keep her involved throughout the year with other events the hospital puts on where she truly feels connected and a part of the hospital. The last thing we want is for her to view her hospital as a negative place. Every time she is there, volunteers pass out toys and popcorn to the kids and help with different activities for kids to participate in. To her, its more fun than going to Disney World!”

Last year, Addison decided that she wanted to give back both her time and money to the place that has given her so much.

“Addison started expressing an interest right before her 7th birthday last year to raise money for Texas Scottish Rite,” Julie Bryan said. “She understands that Scottish Rite not only gave her the ability to walk and run but, they did all this free of charge, and because of donors, all children in Texas receive free care.”

Last year, Addison raised $4,200 in just two weeks. This year she is getting a head start since she wants to double her goal. Julie Bryan said when her daughter announced her new goal this year, she knew she needed to support her.

“My husband and I gave each other the ‘look’ because we knew that once Addison has her mind made up, there is no stopping her,” Julie Bryan said. “We knew it would be hot and we knew this would be a big task to achieve. Although my husband and I wanted to tell her no, we really had to look within ourselves and be there to support her and be her number one cheerleader. So, from that moment forward Addison went out to the entrance of the Shores, held up her sign saying her birthday wish was to raise $8,000 for her hospital.”

So far, Addison has put her hours spent in the hot sun to good use and surpassed the half-way point to her goal. Julie Bryan said she is proud of what her daughter has already accomplished.

“We could not believe how much our community has supported her in helping her reach her goal,” Julie Brayn said. “Addison really teaches us a lot about life. No matter what she’s doing she always has a great attitude and determination like I have never seen. She has to work a little harder physically but you will find she’s the first one to stand up and volunteer and give it her all. We are so proud of her and her servant heart.

“Her surgeon always told us how she succeeds in life will be based off her personality. She has truly shown us that regardless of her physical future, she will fight through it all and walk away from this life leaving a remarkable legacy. We have full faith that she will not stop raising the funds until she reaches $8,000 to deliver to Texas Scottish Rite.”

Donations may also be made here.

By Julie Anne White, Blue Ribbon News reporter.  Photos courtesy of the Bryan family.

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