Fulton serves up top honors at volleyball tournament, prepares for Fulton Frenzy

(ROCKWALL, HEATH, TX – August 26, 2015) The Fulton School’s volleyball team represented Heath/Rockwall well and brought home a championship win in the StoneGate Third Invitational Volleyball Tournament in Arlington last weekend.

Players Merritt Mitchell and Reese Brown had great serving runs, and Jordan Ritter and Tami Price hit some scorchers.  Also representing Fulton were Riley Rand, Jeri Sanders and Corley Caldera.

Teams from 3A, 2A and 1A districts were present, and the girls triumphantly won their bracket and took home the championship trophy, out-placing the other 1A teams.  Senior Jordan Ritter was also acknowledged with All-Tournament honors.

The team is coached by Paige Brown.

Fulton will host The 2015 FULTON FRENZY on Saturday, September 12 at Forney Sports Center.  The tournament is limited to 16 teams and will be compiled from any interested private schools.  Fulton welcomes all entries to this tournament until it is sold out.  For questions call Athletic Director Jonathan Bryant at 972-772-4445.

Submitted by Megan Gray and Jerolyn Finnell. 

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