‘Beyond on Home Planet’ grants awarded to Cullins-Lakepointe and Springer teachers

(ROCKWALL, TX – Dec. 7, 2018) Cullins-Lakepointe SAGE Teacher, Stephanie Pack, and Springer Elementary SAGE Teacher, Jenny Kaup, received a grant titled, “Beyond our Home Planet.”

What if our home planet becomes inhabitable due to overpopulation, natural disasters, exhausted resources, etc. What if we must find a way to move to another planet to preserve our species and way of life?  How would we get there?  How would we survive in a different atmosphere?

In this simulated experience, students will serve as space pioneers as they dare to imagine the possibilities of a new civilization and roadblocks they might face while traveling on this journey into the great unknown of outer space.  Technological advancements, such as Mars Rovers, space stations, satellites, and telescopes have created the means to discover beyond our realm; to follow the footsteps of our descendants who bravely paved the way for us when leaving everything behind to explore the great unknown.  What if the next generation faced this challenge and defeated the odds of the impossible and dare to, “boldly go where no man has gone before”? Schools will partner together with exerts to design innovative civilizations for another planet.

Submitted by Jenny Kaup, SAGE Teacher, Springer Elementary

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