Springer Elementary students are ‘In Class and On Time’

Springer Elementary students are ‘In Class and On Time’

Classes at Springer Elementary are participating in a competition called, “In Class and on Time,” to promote a tardy free campus and encourage students to arrive in class and on time, ready to learn. Classes receive “popcorn kernels” when every student arrives on time.  The class with the most kernels receives a popcorn party to […]

Rotary Club Recognizes Student of Honor from Springer Elementary

(ROCKWALL, TX – March 1, 2019) The Rockwall Noon Rotary Club recently recognized Colin McAnally, a sixth grader at Springer Elementary School, as a Student of Honor. Springer Elementary School Principal Sara Reeves said that out of 120 sixth graders, Colin was chosen to represent Springer as a Student of Honor because he is a […]

‘Beyond on Home Planet’ grants awarded to Cullins-Lakepointe and Springer teachers

(ROCKWALL, TX – Dec. 7, 2018) Cullins-Lakepointe SAGE Teacher, Stephanie Pack, and Springer Elementary SAGE Teacher, Jenny Kaup, received a grant titled, “Beyond our Home Planet.” What if our home planet becomes inhabitable due to overpopulation, natural disasters, exhausted resources, etc. What if we must find a way to move to another planet to preserve our […]

Meet Bonzai, Blue Ribbon News Pet of the Week

(ROCKWALL, TX – Nov.l. 20, 2018) Say hi to Bonzai. This wide-eyed boy is a treat! Bonzai is a sweetie from the tips of his ears to the end of his tail! When this fun little man isn’t being active, you can catch him sneaking in a cuddle session with his good friend Panini! Bonzai has been neutered, microchipped and is current on […]

Springer students support St. Jude’s

(ROCKWALL, TX – Oct. 5, 2016) Sixth graders in Liz Kelly’s class at Springer Elementary participated in the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Mathathon.  In order to prepare for the Mathathon, they watched stories of children who have been treated at St. Jude, as well as a family affected by cancer, which inspired them to […]

Stallion TV Crew: Lights, Camera, Action!

(ROCKWALL, TX – Sept. 24, 2016) Every morning, the Stallion TV crew at Springer Elementary School is dedicated to arriving early to operate the video equipment, prepare information and graphic images for featured stories, create a script and sequence of events, and involve other students and staff for highlighted events. This experience prepares them for […]

Springer sixth graders learn from area businesses on Career Day

(ROCKWALL, TX – May 31, 2016) Sixth grade students at Springer Elementary School participated in annual Career Day on May 25. The students rotated through five presenters to learn about different careers and what education and training is necessary for each field. The students also participated in “hands on” activities to gain a deeper knowledge […]

Springer students ‘walk in the shoes’ of professionals

(ROCKWALL, TX – April 6, 2016) Students at Springer Elementary School had the opportunity to “walk in the shoes” of different types of professionals during the school day as a result of submitting top donations toward our Rock-a-Thon Fundraiser that took place in the fall. Cash Meade served as principal with Dr. Helmer, and Ava Clower […]

PBL puts Springer students in print

Young writers in the spotlight (ROCKWALL, TX – Jan. 28, 2016) As part of Project Based Learning, Christina Lee, a fourth grade bilingual teacher at Springer Elementary School, has spent the last few months teaching her students about journalism, the writing process, peer review, advertising and more – including what it takes to get published […]

Springer Robotics Team, Special E-VEX, qualifies for Regionals

(ROCKWALL, TX – Dec. 21, 2015) Congratulations to the Springer Robotics Team, Special-E-VEX, for earning the Excellence Award and STEM Research Award at the VEX IQ competition at Utley on Saturday! They qualified for Regionals in March. Featured clockwise are Eli Deen, Ethan Montanez, Caleb Rodriguez, Ryan Bostik, Ameer Abu-Ziyadeh, J.D. Webb, and Connor Linscott. […]

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