Rockwall County COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic: ‘I Volunteered And So Should You!’

Rockwall County COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic: ‘I Volunteered And So Should You!’

Editor’s Note: Thank you to Rockwall resident Bill Watts for sharing this Letter to the Editor about volunteering to help at COVID-19 vaccination clinics. 

ROCKWALL, TX – February 8, 2021 – I’m Bill Watts and I volunteered to help at a vaccination center in Rockwall, TX. I support Helping Hands Rockwall, a local charity, and read an article in the Blue Ribbon News, a local newspaper, about the need for volunteers to help at the COVID – 19 vaccination center at the Rockwall County Library on February 3 – 5. I volunteered all three days.

The center where I worked vaccinated 900 people over a three day period. We are expecting more doses in the future. That means the center will need more volunteers.

Once there is more vaccine available in the United States the need for volunteers will increase. I believe that the need for volunteers will arrive sooner than we expect. The local vaccination centers in the various counties all over the United States will need help. Please seek out a local center near your home and volunteer.

As a volunteer I provided induction paperwork and checked it when it was completed. I also wiped clipboards, pens, chairs and tables as people left the area. There are so many opportunities to help such as crowd control, cleaning, help with paperwork, checking lists for appointments, etc… It’s easy and very rewarding to help conquer this virus and get our nation back to normal.

Submitted by Bill Watts. 


Volunteers sought to assist with COVID-19 mass vaccination operations in Rockwall County

Rockwall County and Helping Hands partner to administer COVID-19 vaccines

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