Open letter: Rockwall County Democratic Party supports Helping Hands

Open letter: Rockwall County Democratic Party supports Helping Hands

ROCKWALL, TX (July 2, 2021) Our county is more than a collection of homes, buildings, and businesses. Our county is a collection of the dreams and hopes of its citizens. Therefore, as the Rockwall County Democratic Party Chair (RCDP), I am honored to work alongside my Democratic neighbors to support Rockwall Helping Hands.

The RCDP supports Rockwall Helping Hands’ efforts to ensure that no one in Rockwall County goes to bed hungry, without a roof overhead, or is deprived of needed medical care.

As we advance, our organization will coordinate with Rockwall Helping Hands to combat food insecurity in our county; we want to encourage you to donate and volunteer.

In addition, let’s start a conversation on social media to highlight the imperative role that Helping Hands plays in our county. We have the power to help put an end to hunger for many of our neighbors across our county.

I want to thank the following RCDP Precinct Chairs for coordinating the food drive: Cassi Marrietti, Monica Rodriquez, Karan Sproul, Judith Matherne, Steve Smith, Pattia Cochran, John Besadesky, Sharai Lewis, Lauren Cazabon, Jake McCord, and Susie Stansel.  I know that each of us have the power to make a difference, and for the Rockwall County Democratic Party, it starts with supporting the Rockwall Helping Hands food pantry.

Ericka Ledferd, Rockwall County Democratic Party Chair

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