Rockwall County Open Space Alliance partners with HundredX Causes on fundraising project 

ROCKWALL, TX (Aug. 8, 2022) Want to support Open Space without spending a penny?  Here’s your chance!  Complete short consumer surveys right from your phone to generate donations.  To get started, go to:

The Rockwall County Open Space Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit formed to support its mission to Save Open Spaces in Rockwall County before it is too late. The Alliance is dedicated to protecting Rockwall County’s water and land and connecting communities through Open Spaces.

RCOSA‘s website explains, “There is an urgency as land, floodplains and greenbelts disappear to the pressures of growth and development. In 1922, there were 95,360 acres of open land. On January 1, 2021 only 37,452 acres remained. Much of this has been bought by large residential developers and will soon become pavement and rooftops.”

Here’s how the fundraising program works: During the month of August, each time you share a quality brand opinion with HundredX, up to $2 goes towards (use of proceeds). You can personally create up to $150 of value (75 opinions).

Text “IMPACT” to 90412, or go to: to sign up and learn more about the program. This is an opportunity to create thousands of dollars together (without opening your wallet)!

When you join a HundredX Causes program, your personal information is not sold or shared. During the 30-day campaign, you will receive reminders from HundredX to submit feedback, which is why you submit your contact information. You may opt out at any time.

Submitted by Rockwall County Open Space, edited for publication in Blue Ribbon News.