Top 10 ways you know you need customer relationship manager software

Trey Finley

November 8, 2013 – 

#10… You’re still using telegraph lines and morse code to send messages to your customers.

#9…  You’re pretty sure you’re about to outgrow Microsoft Access 2.0.

#8…  Filing cabinets and boxes are lining the halls of your office.

#7…  Mary your assistant says so, and you can’t afford to lose someone as valuable as she.

#6… Invoices and receivables are something those OTHER guys do.  You’ve got it all in your head.

#5…  You’re ready to leave behind translating morse code and get really radical– calling your customers on a rotary phone.  That’ll make ‘em feel special.

#4…  Because you’re headed to the beach/mountains/on a cruise and sales need to keep happening while you’re gone.

#3…  That 2-week-old sales quote that’s collecting coffee stains on your desk.

#2…  You called your best customer Bobby the wrong name and forgot that he got divorced last year.  Not good when you ask a divorcee how their marriage is doing.

And the #1 Way You Know You Need CRM Software is…

You know you need to remember this list, and you’re SURE you can find it in all your stacks of scribbled notes.  Or maybe you should use that rotary phone and call your assistant.  She’ll remember it for you.

By business coach and Blue Ribbon News special contributor Trey Finley. Visit his website at or on Facebook at

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