Rules of the game for a team of raving fans

If I had a dime for every time someone said, “I can never find enough good people to keep my business moving forward,” I’d be sitting in a cabin somewhere rather than baking in the hot Texas summer. It is a challenge.  Finding good people requires a commitment of time and effort that business owners […]

Top 10 ways you know you need customer relationship manager software

November 8, 2013 –  #10… You’re still using telegraph lines and morse code to send messages to your customers. #9…  You’re pretty sure you’re about to outgrow Microsoft Access 2.0. #8…  Filing cabinets and boxes are lining the halls of your office. #7…  Mary your assistant says so, and you can’t afford to lose someone […]

Profit = G Squared

Profit = G Squared

(April 23, 2013) When the economy shifted in 2008, I was caught off guard.  Weren’t you?  The sudden illness of our economy eventually exhausted my career, burying it in what quickly became my past.  Layoffs have a way of doing that. It came as quite a shock to one day be the primary income earner […]