‘Goliath Catfish’ spotted in Rockwall

‘Goliath Catfish’ spotted in Rockwall

(ROCKWALL – Sept. 18, 2013) A Goliath Catfish has been spotted in Rockwall. Not a mysterious Chernobyl-grown, bottom feeder or a freakishly big Flathead, but the young adult novel penned by Rockwall teacher and coach, Scott Gill. Goliath Catfish is set in 1940’s Memphis and tells the story of Albert McClune, a big kid who longs […]

Savoring every sip of summer and back-to-school

Savoring every sip of summer and back-to-school

(Rockwall) August 25, 2013 – On a particular day toward the end of the August, Starbuck’s is stormed, ladies line up for lattes and there’s not an open table in the house. The chatter is so loud, the baristas fight to hear the orders (I was once a barista). There’s laughter, the air electric from […]

Delusions and the Ball Diamond

(Rockwall) July 30, 2013 –  A friend texted a few weeks ago: “Interested in co-ed softball? We’re putting together a team.” He was crazy; a decade had passed since my last men’s league game and 41 is a far cry from my spry 30’s. The wake-up-sore-how-the-heck-did-I-hurt-that- feeling greets me each morning so I half-heartedly chuckled […]


July 8, 2013 – Two of my boys and some friends started a summer contest: the most fish caught by August 12, and the winner receives a new fishing rod along with the Twitter handle, “@TheAngler.” The one rule is they must all be fishing together for the catches to count. No one owns a […]

Summer vacation for the man in debt

June 27, 2013 – Christy busted in my classroom too excited for schoolwork. Paris would be her summer destination. “Paris,Texas?” I asked. “Paris, France, Coach,” she giggled – although to me, Paris, Texas, sounded pretty good. The class erupted in vacation plans: Brittany was visiting her family’s beach house in Galveston while Charlie would deep-sea […]

Teacher summer reflections

(Rockwall) June 23, 2013 – My students clamored for summer break, having whined and begged for free days once Christmas ended (an exercise in futility… I give no free days, ever). After a year of higher standards, grueling tests and lackluster results, this class cleaned out their locker, turned in lingering assignments, and became freshman—another […]

Tossing Small Stones: A Father’s Day Confession

The rod doubled and the reel sang as the shark darted and dove to the deep. After fishing for days on aFloridapier, I had hooked a monster, and my Dad coached and cheered above everyone. I was nine when I carved out this memory with my hero. He’s a mere shell of a man now, […]

Old things ain’t so bad afterall

(May 19, 2013) Of the countless hours spent in my grandparent’s huge back yard (or the “back 40” as Pappaw called it) running, biking, and corn stalk fighting, I think I logged the most time in “Old Blue.” “Old Blue” was Pappaw’s 1954 Chevrolet pickup. He drove it into the 1990’s until a stroke prevented […]

No easy answers

(May 5, 2013) When my firstborn entered this world, he was sick, and as I stood over that Plexiglas baby bed, breathing tubes and wires and IV’s all braided around him, I was scared, devoid of answers. Now, he’s 18 and soon to be heading off to college with a myriad more questions floating before […]

Tough times call for stories

When my dad was a kid, his family was desperately poor, so poor that my grandmother secretly changed his birth certificate so he could work a year early.  He found a job as a delivery boy for a small drugstore and every morning (in the summer) that middle-schooler peddled his bike down gravel roads for […]

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