Old things ain’t so bad afterall

(May 19, 2013) Of the countless hours spent in my grandparent’s huge back yard (or the “back 40” as Pappaw called it) running, biking, and corn stalk fighting, I think I logged the most time in “Old Blue.” “Old Blue” was Pappaw’s 1954 Chevrolet pickup. He drove it into the 1990’s until a stroke prevented […]

No easy answers

(May 5, 2013) When my firstborn entered this world, he was sick, and as I stood over that Plexiglas baby bed, breathing tubes and wires and IV’s all braided around him, I was scared, devoid of answers. Now, he’s 18 and soon to be heading off to college with a myriad more questions floating before […]

Tough times call for stories

When my dad was a kid, his family was desperately poor, so poor that my grandmother secretly changed his birth certificate so he could work a year early.  He found a job as a delivery boy for a small drugstore and every morning (in the summer) that middle-schooler peddled his bike down gravel roads for […]

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