The Child’s Love of the Adult

(ROCKWALL, TX – June 16, 2015) In my kitchen at the back of the drawer that holds the hot pads, is a green oven mitt.  Worn, with a few holes in it, the mitt is visible every time I open the drawer.  Its mate, regrettably, was lost in a move.  The mitt’s been around for […]

How singing helps in language and reading development

ROCKWALL,TX. (November 11, 2014) My earliest memory of reading is singing from the Baptist hymnal.  I remember being four-and-a-half, standing next to my mother, moving my finger under each hyphenated syllable as we sang.  This was a new honor, as my mother had always done that job.  Now I could do it! I know that […]

Solving the reading aloud blues

ROCKWALL, TX. (September 29, 2014) Kitchen Scene:  Mom and Dad are getting dinner ready after a busy day.  Soccer practice is in 45 minutes.  Enter six-year-old with book. “Mom! Dad!  I have to read ten pages out loud to you tonight for homework!”  Mom and Dad look at each other and sigh.  Perhaps you have […]

Listening to ourselves with compassion

ROCKWALL,TX. (September 7, 2014) When we do something that we wished we hadn’t, we rarely give ourselves the level of forgiveness and understanding that we give to others.  If we evaluate ourselves and subsequently change our behaviors due to negative emotions– shame, embarrassment, or fear to name only a few—we are feeding self-hatred. We are […]

Owning our emotions

ROCKWALL, TX. (July 28, 2014) Victor Frankl in Man’s Search for Meaning writes about our freedom residing in the space between stimulus and response. Your child hits you.  Your freedom lies in the space of time between being hit, the stimulus, and your response to being hit.  That moment contains your power to choose how […]

Dealing with interruptions from your child

Isn’t it amazing how quickly children interrupt when they hear you on the phone? We wait for that quiet minute to make an important call or task and, poof, our children appear with attention getting behavior. What can we do to find a few minutes of uninterrupted time? Start early.  We might think this is […]

Communicating emotions

ROCKWALL,TX. (July 14, 2014) A long-term study of college students aimed to test their vocabularies while also asking the group to rate their level of happiness. The test subjects with the largest vocabularies declared the greatest satisfaction with their lives. For many of us the vocabulary to express emotions is limited to a few words.  […]

The heart of relationships: effective communication

June 25, 2014- To know who our children really are, we need to observe our children at work and play.  J Krishnamurti, the Indian philosopher, wrote that the highest form of human intelligence is observing without evaluating. The more I observe the more I understand Krishnamurti.  Observation and evaluation serve us best as separate activities.  […]

Yakety yak, don’t talk back…

(May 22, 2014) “You can’t talk to me that way, young man!” As the words came out of her mouth, Jane realized she was falling into the same trap…again.  But how much can one take of, “You can’t make me!” The trap?  You can’t get rid of disrespect with disrespect.  You have to use respect […]

Tips for helping toddlers transition

(January 1, 2014) “But, Daddy, I don’t want to go!” Moving from one event to another are difficult parenting and teaching situations.  Our children are involved and concentrating on an activity, then life gets in the way.  It’s bath time.  It’s bed time.  Preschool is over.  Daycare is closing. It’s time to get in the […]

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