Sassy uncovers the dirt on digging dogs

Dear Sassy, How do I stop my dog from digging holes in the backyard? Dear Digger, Almost all dogs will dig on occasion. Certain dog breeds, such as Dachshund and Terriers, were bred to dig into burrows after rabbits and other small game. However, any dog breed can develop a digging habit for many reasons: Boredom, […]

The best holiday travel advice…

Book early! And plan now for Spring Break! There’s still time to get your holiday shopping done, unless you’re shopping for holiday-season travel. If you haven’t made travel arrangements for Thanksgiving or the end-of-year holidays yet, act fast. And, if you plan to travel for Spring Break 2013, make those reservations now. Travel agency owners, […]

Do dogs dream?

Do dogs dream?

Dear Sassy, Does my dog dream when he sleeps? Signed, Dreamer Dear Dreamer, Most dog owners have watched their beloved dog’s feet twitch or make running motions in their sleep.  My dad used to say our dog was “chasing rabbits” in his sleep.  Some dogs (uh hum..Sassy) also appear to talk in their sleep with […]

Tips from Sassy on soothing your carpet scooter

Dear Sassy, My dog Shelby (mini doxie) who is now 10 years old has continuous impacted anal glands. I have tried giving additional fiber, etc. to no avail. Do you have any suggestions? Signed, Scooter Dear Scooter, Impacted anal glands are a common canine health issue. Dogs with impacted anal glands often scoot or drag […]

How setting limits creates freedom, allows creativity

At a neighborhood coffee, Cheryl announced that she had stopped eating sugar.  Several women gasped at the thought. “But that’s so limiting,” said one. Cheryl smiled and said, “Actually I find the limitation is quite freeing.  I don’t worry any more whether I should eat something or not.  Drawing the line at no sugar has […]

Welcome mistakes, be friendly with error

“Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment,” read the sign in the gift shop.   The sign reminded me of what I’ve learned about errors:  since mistakes are at the forefront of learning, it is best if we can be friendly with error and welcome mistakes for the learning opportunities that they […]

Earth Day Festival, Bug Bonanza at Calloway’s Saturday

On Saturday, April 21 Calloway’s and Cornelius Nursery will celebrate Earth Day by featuring organic products, beneficial insect displays, offering gardening advice and more at all 19 garden center locations in the Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston areas. Stores will open at 9 a.m. and will feature two key clinics that offer guidelines for a healthier garden environment. At 10:15 […]