Wylie East shooting star: on the field, in the classroom

Photo credit: Wylie East yearbook staff

Varsity soccer captain Leslie Snider has played soccer since she was a little girl.

“Every four year old plays soccer,” Snider said.

Putting points on the board is her passion, with every goal scored, Snider feels rejuvenated.

“I feel successful and encouraged to score another goal,” Snider said.

The game strikes an adrenaline rush, keeping Snider’s nerves from affecting her ability on the field.

To get pumped before a game Snider listens to Christian music or Pandora radio.

“I feel nervous before a big game or tryouts, but when it’s time to play I am fully focused and ready,” Snider said.

She scores both on and off the field.

“Leslie was selected as the district 21 4-A Newcomer of the Year because of her ability to play against great competition,” girls’ soccer coach Kody Christensen said.

 Snider was recently elected as the Student Council President.

“Leslie is a natural leader in the classroom and on the soccer field,” Christensen said.

Marissa Edenstrom plays varsity center midfielder and is the other team captain.

“Leslie, alongside Marissa Edenstrom, is making the Lady Raider Soccer Program an elite group,” Christensen said.

Written by Wylie East High School student journalist Alexis Stewart, published in Blue Print, the school newspaper, on Oct. 5, 2011. The journalism and yearbook students are under the direction of Casi Thedford.

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