Spotlight on special needs pets for ‘Just One Day’

Spotlight on special needs pets for ‘Just One Day’
Nugget was rescued from the Royse City animal shelter. The tiny chihuahua is recovering from heartworms and needs to have all his teeth pulled after suffering from neglect. Photos by Michael Kitkoski.

Just One Day, set for Monday, June 11, will recognize the impact of the No Kill animal movement. Many animal shelters across the nation are placing a moratorium on the killing of healthy and adoptable pets for Just One Day.

To honor the sprit of the event, Rockwall Pets will spotlight its special needs pets, those that previously would have met their deaths at area animal shelters. The nonprofit organization is hosting a unique Just One Day adoption event at the Rockwall Petco Monday afternoon and evening.

Special needs pets, all of whom are very adoptable, will be offered for reduced adoption donations. The pets range from cats and kittens who have tested positive for the feline immunodeficiency virus to dogs who are heartworm positive. Nearly every animal Rockwall Pets offers for adoption on a daily basis was at risk of dying in an area shelter.

Gracie, who was rescued from the Rockwall animal shelter, is perfectly healthy, but she suffers from incontinence.

If every shelter in the United States were to participate in Just One Day, the lives of over 10,000 animals would be saved. Shelters are asked to spend the day marketing their adoptable pets to the public instead of killing them for space issues and other concerns. Over 40 shelters and rescues in Texas are participating.

The event occurs on June 11 to honor the official beginning of the No Kill movement. The Tompkins County (NY) SPCA became the nation’s first open-admission shelter to go No Kill on June 11, 2001. The idea has spread rapidly across the country during the past decade.

Romeo, rescued from the Rockwall animal shelter, tested positive for the feline immunodeficiency virus. Cats with this disease were previously killed at the shelter.

North Texas is home to several open-admission municipal shelters which have achieved No Kill status, including Rockwall, Seagoville, Terrell, Pilot Point and Gainesville.

The Rockwall Pets Just One Day adoption event takes place at the Rockwall Petco, located at 2689 Market Center Drive. FiV-positive cats and kittens can be adopted for only $25.

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