Rules of the game for a team of raving fans

If I had a dime for every time someone said, “I can never find enough good people to keep my business moving forward,” I’d be sitting in a cabin somewhere rather than baking in the hot Texas summer. It is a challenge.  Finding good people requires a commitment of time and effort that business owners […]

How to find an additional $25,000 in profit

  Hello, Rockwall area business owners!  I’ve got some free advice this week, and not just any business advice—advice on how to get more profitable in a hurry.  Lower profits have a way of creeping up on us; getting more profitable is the quickest easiest way to put money back in your pocket.  Here’s a […]

11 ways to double your customer base in 4 weeks

ROCKWALL, TX (March 22, 2014) Yep, Double.  I’ll post 5 ideas this week and in the next “Good News for Business” article, I’ll post the next 6. First a caution.  When a very small business is trying to grow (sometimes even a larger one), the temptation is to market in large amounts to mass numbers, […]

Top 10 ways you know you need customer relationship manager software

November 8, 2013 –  #10… You’re still using telegraph lines and morse code to send messages to your customers. #9…  You’re pretty sure you’re about to outgrow Microsoft Access 2.0. #8…  Filing cabinets and boxes are lining the halls of your office. #7…  Mary your assistant says so, and you can’t afford to lose someone […]

The 80/20 Rule

They say (whoever “they” is)… 20% of the people do 80% of the work. 20% of your time ends up generating 80% of your work. 80% of your time is spent generating the least valuable 20% of your business. 20% of your marketing generates 80% of your leads. 20% of your customers give you 80% […]

4 things to do on a slow business week

4 things to do on a slow business week

It happens.  Slow weeks hit, then suddenly you’re looking for things to do so you can feel busy.  So it feels like you’re not wasting your time.  So it feels like you’re not losing the money you probably are. Before I give you 4 things to do, here’s one thing to NEVER do:  NEVER make […]

What to do when the competition moves in down the street

(ROCKWALL – September 22, 2013) Good news: Rockwall and Rowlett have growing economies. In Rockwall, the Trend Tower is going up swiftly.  Retail centers and restaurants are popping up.  Big stores with big names seem to be appearing on every corner. New banks are opening, and local ones are growing.  In Rowlett, there’s a four-story […]

The Ten Commandments of Business

(Rockwall/Rowlett) July 18, 2013 – With a nod to Charlton Heston and Steven Spielberg and the man (Moses) whose story they told, I present to you The Ten Commandments of Business. Would you add any?  Email me your additions and I’ll post them on my Facebook page with a link to your business’ webpage or […]

‘Life is stressful. Suffering is optional.’

July 5, 2013 – “Life is stressful.  Suffering is optional.” So says a psychologist in my BNI group whose work I recommend: His words are a good reminder to me when stressful news for businesses comes out.  Health Care Reform will change everything.  Immigration reform will change everything.  President Obama will change everything.  The […]

Why winners always quit

Why winners always quit

“Winners never quit.  Quitters never win.” –Vince Lombardi, Green Bay Packers head coach 1959-67 Sorry, Vince.  I’m going to go out on a shaky brittle limb and disagree with a Hall of Fame coach.  You see, quitting is in every winner’s vocabulary.  Here’s just a few examples of people you would have loved coaching, but […]