Rowlett Arts & Humanities Commission presents annual writing contest

(ROWLETT-March 20, 2013) Entries are due Monday, April 29 for the Annual Rowlett Writing Contest presented by the Rowlett Arts and Humanities Commission. Divisions:      Youth – Grades 1 through 12      Adult 18 – years and older Categories:      Short Works (plays, essays, etc.) – 15-30 minutes in length      Short Story – 1-3 pages […]

Rowlett Arts & Humanities Commision hosts annual Writing Contest

(ROWLETT-January 22, 2013)The Rowlett Arts and Humanities Commission presents its annual Rowlett Writing Contest. All entries are due by Monday, April 29. Entries should be mailed or dropped off to the Rowlett Public Library at 3900 Main Street in Rowlett.  Divisions include Youth (grades 1 through 12) and Adult (18 years and older). Categories Short Works […]

Change behavior by changing rules, environment, attitudes

“Lisa is so different from Grace.  Grace never broke anything when she was this age.  Lisa breaks something every day,” Meg told me at our playgroup with our one-year olds.  Meg, a long-time friend, was over 30 when she had her first child.  Five-year-old Grace lived up to her name.  Grace was gentle and content to […]